Project Description

I have a background in fine art which means I love painting and drawing. I try to incorporate those skills into my digital work as much as possible. This project involved extensive research of an endangered species—I chose the jaguar because of how incredible they are. After gathering the information I needed, I used water colors to illustrate the jaguar, it’s physical features, habitat, life cycle, diet, and more. Check it out below!

Project Details

Project Field Guide
Date Fall 2015
Skills bookmaking, typesetting, illustration
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Hand-Made, Saddle-Stitched

To put my field guide together, I used a form of book-binding called ‘saddle-stitching’ which involves an awl, a needle, waxed thread, and a lot of careful precision!

Nice, Compact Size

As by definition, a field guide is a book for the identification of birds, flowers, minerals, or other things in their natural environment. You could fit this guy in your pocket the next time you’re exploring Central or South America and identify a wild Panthera Onca.