Project Description

This reductive relief project was one of the most exhaustive assignments I’ve ever put myself through. Granted, I did a lot more than what was assigned—it was well worth it. The theme of the project was ‘opposition.’ My admiration for Frida Kahlo and her rebellious tendencies and involvement during the Mexican Revolution inspired me. I also thought about the raw, sometimes violent nature of her work and juxtaposed that with the ornamental and flouncy look of the art nouveau style. Frida was a badass chick and I had fun learning not only the process of reductive relief, but learning more about her. Check out the process below!

Project Details

Project “Opposition”
Date Spring 2016
Skills Printmaking, Reductive Relief, Illustration


Rejecting the fashion of the time, the left image is the source for the portrait portion of print. A collection of old art nouveau prints, like the one on the right, inspired the ornamentation and framing of the print.

absolutely destroyed.